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December 2015

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The Winter 2015 Issue of ARC Magazine features a special shopping guide designed to help you find just the right thing for that welder or fabricator in your life. Check it out and get your holiday shopping done early! MORE

Even More Holiday Deals at the Lincoln Electric Online Store!

Holiday Deals

The Lincoln Electric Online Store is featuring special offers throughout the holiday season. Be sure to check back often for the latest deals! MORE

The Square Wave TIG 200

Square Wave TIG 200

The Square Wave® TIG 200 is a portable TIG and Stick welding machine that lets hobbyists, makers, small fabricators and craftsmen explore their creativity. It is designed to help expand your welding expertise. As your skills and confidence grow, you can take advantage of the Square Wave TIG 200’s additional functionality. No matter your skill level, you won’t be disappointed. The Square Wave TIG 200 provides smooth and stable AC TIG welding on aluminum and DC TIG welding on steel, stainless steel and chrome-moly. A user-friendly interface enables you to set it, forget it and weld. MORE



The POWER MIG® 210 MP power supply is a multi-process welder for the hobbyist, educator or small contractor who wants to do MIG welding and a lot more, including stick, TIG and flux-cored welding. The push-and-turn digital controls and color display screen make setup and operation intuitive and easy, while the all-metal wire drive and sturdy sheet-metal construction make it rugged and ready for any job in the home or small shop. The POWER MIG 210 MP power supply is the ideal MIG machine for the welding novice, with plenty of room to grow as you gain more experience. MORE 

Welding Project: Christmas Tree

Welding Project: Christmas Tree

This "How I Did It" project is a Christmas Tree that was fabricated from empty steel spools of Lincoln Electric Innershield® NR-305 flux-cored wire. The tree was 15 feet in diameter and 60 feet tall. Over 3,000 empty spools were welded together to form the tree using a Lincoln Electric compact wire feeder welder. MORE

The Tools You Can't Live Without

Welding Tools

Lincoln Electric magnetic fixturing tools can be used to position steel for tacking or lifting sheet steel at the work table. Make your workplace safe by minimizing hand contact with hot or sharp-edged steel. Radius hand tools include welding pliers, welpers, and chipping hammers. Clean and remove slag from your welds with a straight head chipping hammer. Pliers and welpers provide functions for nozzle and tip installation, wire cutting, nozzle cleaning, slag hammer, and spatter removal. MORE

4C Lens Technology: The Best View

4C Technology

It's time to see things differently! Our exclusive new 4C™ lens technology upgrade to the VIKING™ welding helmets provides a filtering lens with the clearest view of the welding puddle on the market today. This new technology reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional green coloring in the helmet view screen in both active and inactive states. Available on the 1840, 2450 and 3350 series helmets. MORE

Engelbrecht Grills & Cookers Puts the Sizzle into Fabrication and Assembly


It is always good for a company to have a product that's in demand. The question then becomes: Can supply keep up with demand? Chris Engelbrecht confronted this question as he watched what was originally a one-off project evolve into a hobby and eventually into a startup business with domestic and international sales. His company, Engelbrecht Grills & Cookers® of Paxton, IL, fabricates custom-built wood-fired grills. MORE


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