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November 2015

Watch our Videos from FABTECH 2015

FABTECH 2015 Videos

Couldn't attend FABTECH in Chicago this year? Or were you there and just didn't have enough time to explore all 18,600 square feet of our exhibition space? In any case, we shot 30 videos at the show, highlighting the latest and greatest from each of our welding, cutting, automation and integration companies. Watch them all and see what you missed! MORE

The Square Wave TIG 200 - Redefining TIG and Winning Awards

Square Wave TIG 200

Speaking of trade shows, we are honored to announce that the new Square Wave® TIG 200 won a Global Media Award at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas! The Square Wave TIG 200 offers a multi-process TIG and stick welding experience for craftsmen, small shop fabricators, makers, motorsports enthusiasts and hobbyists. Users can perform AC TIG welding on aluminum and DC TIG welding on steel, stainless and chrome-moly when precision and bead appearance are important. Users can also switch to stick welding when working with thicker materials or welding outdoors. MORE

Better Optics, Better Welds - New 4C Lens Technology

4C Lens Technology

It's time to see things differently! Our exclusive new 4C™ lens technology upgrade to the VIKING™ welding helmets provides a filtering lens with the clearest view of the welding puddle on the market today. This new technology reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional green coloring in the helmet view screen in both active and inactive states. Available on the 1840, 2450 and 3350 series helmets. MORE

VIKING 3350 Foose Impostor Welding Helmet


The new VIKING™ 3350 Foose Impostor™ Welding Helmet features the new, one-of-a-kind 4C Lens Technology that delivers maximum clarity, real color view and even shade from every angle. The Impostor's two-tone metal flake graphic was inspired by renowned automotive designer Chip Foose's Riddler Award-winning car design, which blended together a 1965 Chevrolet Impala and 2009 Corvette. MORE 

Welding Project: Welding Cart

Welding Project: Welding Cart

This "How I Did It" project comes to us from Robert Litomisky of Los Angeles, CA. Here's what he had to say: "I recently purchased a POWER MIG® 210 MP and a Tomahawk® 375 plasma cutter to improve upon my fabricating capability. Unfortunately for me, I had no pre-made racking and tool management option available to me so I decided to make one of my own, in Lincoln Red and Black!" Here's how he did it. MORE

Get Engaged with the Latest from VRTEX

VRTEX Engage

For some, the first step into the virtual learning environment can be a big one. Lincoln Electric makes that first step easier with VRTEX® Engage™ - a standalone foundational system designed to introduce students to the skilled trades, specifically arc welding. The VRTEX Engage includes a touch screen monitor, welding gun, tracking device and a work surface. It's all contained in a lightweight and portable carrying case that can be deployed in any setting - industrial, educational or elsewhere. MORE

Improve Cleanliness and Consistency

AutoDrive S

The AutoDrive S employs touch-retract starting technology, a system that touches the wire to the work, senses the touch and retracts the wire, initiating the arc at a lower current. The softer start minimizes spatter or eliminates it all together, and extends the life of the consumables. This reduces operating costs over the long term, and when there is little or no spatter to remove after the weld, up time and productivity improve dramatically. MORE

Lincoln Electric Investing $30 Million in a New Welding Technology Center

Lincoln Electric is pleased to announce it is investing approximately $30 million in a new Welding Technology Center on its Euclid, Ohio campus. The Center will focus on the training of welding educators and industry leaders to address the rising demand for welding education and career pathways in welding and advanced manufacturing. Lincoln Electric will also dedicate resources to support welding training for veterans at this facility. MORE


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