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May 2015

Process. Knowledge. Solutions.

All Things AluminumWelding aluminum can be challenging for anyone, but Lincoln Electric has the expertise and the solutions to help you meet the challenge. We make welding aluminum easy and hassle-free. The result is clean, quality aluminum welds, right from the start. MORE

New Aluminum Systems

Power Wave S350Aluminum can also be a challenging material in the manufacturing realm, but not every manufacturer faces the same challenges. That's why Lincoln Electric offers three unique, feature-packed solutions - the AlumaFab®, Power Wave® S350 and Power Wave S350 with Advanced Module - tailored to a user's specific needs. And all include the essential attributes you should expect for success in welding aluminum. MORE

A Better Start, A Better Weld

AutoDrive SAWhen it comes to welding aluminum parts robotically, arc starts and consistent wire feeding are crucial. AutoDrive® SA is a high-performance aluminum servo torch solution engineered to address the common problems associated with robotic aluminum welding - all to make the welding process easier and more hassle-free. The system integrates with a robot and communicates directly with a Lincoln Electric Power Wave® advanced welding power source, resulting in a best-in-class aluminum solution. MORE

Welding Project: Aluminum Driveway Gate

Aluminum GateThis "How I Did It" project was submitted by Jack Davis, a metalsmith based in Elmira, Oregon. The aluminum gate is 15-ft. wide and was welded with 5356 aluminum MIG wire. Using aluminum rather than steel cut the weight in half, and the finished gate, less castings, weighed only 450-lb. MORE 

Rugged Stick for Rugged Work

Pipeliner LH-DPipeline work can be the most demanding segment of the entire welding trade. Maintaining the integrity of the weld - and by extension, the integrity of the pipeline itself - is the ultimate priority, despite the constant battle against external elements. When it's time to tackle the pipeline, it's time for Pipeliner® LH-D. MORE

CNC Plasma Cutting Curriculum Guide

CNC Plasma Cutting Curriculum GuideThis complete curriculum guide provides just about everything an instructor will need to get started teaching CNC plasma cutting in the high school, community college, university, trade or union school environment. Chapters cover history, safety practices, machine basics, software, tool paths, image imports and more. MORE

In the Shop or On the Move, It's Time to Clear the Air!

Fume Extraction Promo

Whether you're working in a in a shop environment or welding on the move, it's time to clear the air with some great deals on stationary and portable fume extraction units from Lincoln Electric. Wherever you are, wherever you go, breathe easy with fume extraction solutions from Lincoln Electric. MORE

Preparing for New Funding Opportunities

WIOA WebinarAre you familiar with the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)? This federal initiative is designed to increase opportunities for the nation's current and future unemployed. Your school may be eligible for grants that help you equip your facility to handle WIOA-targeted students. Our upcoming webinar will help you get up to speed with the act and prepare a successful grant application. MORE

News and Events

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