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iWeld™ Email Newsletter from Lincoln Electric

March 2015

Aspect 375Advanced Technology Made Simple

A quality weld is always important. In some industries and applications, lives may even depend on it. If this is the challenge you face every day, choose a TIG welding machine that meets the demanding quality standards of the aerospace, motorsports, shipbuilding, education and fabrication industries. The Aspect® 375 AC/DC TIG Welder is the perfect choice for mission critical welds, especially on applications that must stand up to the most rigorous testing requirements. MORE

Take Control With Burny 8 Software

Burny 8Burny® 8 represents a leap forward in shape cutting CNC software that streamlines and optimizes the operator's control of the plasma cutting process. Burny 8 now runs on Windows® 8.1, which enables improvements in performance and security. It also includes a communication interface between the Burny CNC and the Spirit® II Plasma system. MORE

Quality and Efficiency On The Pipeline

SAE-300 MPWhen it comes to pipeline construction and maintenance, you deal with more unpredictable variables than you'd care to count. Given the natural and man-made uncertainties often associated with your business, you need equipment you can count on to maximize quality and efficiency, minimize repair time and control costs. The SAE-300® MP multi-process engine-driven welder responds to the numerous challenges that are a fact of life in pipe welding operations. For example, the welder features Temperature Stabilization™, enabling you to "set it and forget it" by eliminating any need for adjustments based on ambient conditions or warm-up period. MORE

Welding Project: Aluminum Driveway Gate

Aluminum GateThis "How I Did It" project was submitted by Jack Davis of Elmira, OR. The aluminum driveway gate is 15 foot wide and was welded with 5356 aluminum MIG wire. Davis selected aluminum because of weight considerations. The gate needed to be one piece and he was concerned that a steel gate of this size would put too much leverage on the post. MORE 

Donjon Deals with Great Lakes' Worst to Keep Vessels on the Move

DonjonThe eight U.S. states bordering the Great Lakes boast 85 ports to handle freight and passengers. Given the extreme weather shifts, pounding waves and shallow lake bottoms, vessels must be built tough and repaired quickly and correctly to ensure steady, reliable service. That is where maintenance and repair operations, such as Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair, provide a valuable service to the shipping industry. MORE

Optical Clarity: Why It’s Important and What it Means for You

Optical ClaritySelecting the best auto-darkening welding helmet reaches beyond standard occupational safety issues; it also should take the wearer's vision into account. Wearing the right helmet not only protects your face and eyes from sparks but also can contribute to your overall productivity and work quality. And, it all comes down to the helmet's optical clarity, or how well you can see out of it. MORE

Engine Driven Welder Maintenance

Engine Driven Maintenance

From pipeline projects to construction sites, engine driven welders are workhorses in the field that provide unmatched flexibility and power. These machines are designed to perform at the highest levels, even in the most rugged environmental conditions. With that level of intense, on-demand functionality, engine driven welders require regular care and basic maintenance to keep them operating at optimum levels and avoid costly downtime and repairs. MORE

Automated Plasma Cutting Technology Seminar

Plasma SeminarLincoln Electric Cutting Systems will be hosting an Automated Plasma Cutting Technology Seminar in Ladson, SC, May 11-15. It is a full five-day program. There is no charge for attending the training class, but the classes will be capped at 12-14 students total. MORE

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